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Using Mobile To Drive Traffic To Stores (Brick-And-Mortar)

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Consumers are using smartphones more and more for shopping, research, and completing purchases. However, retailers are also focusing on using them to drive traffic to the physical stores. See this article for 6 current examples.


POS Upgrade At Winn-Dixie

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Midwestern Grocery chain, Winn-Dixie, to implement new POS technology. I have seen a lot of news lately regarding POS upgrades but this is the first I have read about a significant company acting on it (not to say others have not yet). I have not researched enough on new POS technology to understand the benefits but this article provides a couple of examples and one key benefit is management of digital coupons. Smartphone apps have evolved to the point where they can now deliver digital coupons but legacy POS technology is not ready to process them. It looks like, with their upgrade, Winn-Dixie will be able to. Read more here.

Tesco Expands QR/Virtual Shelve Test

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Here is more on the Tesco virtual shopping trial which integrates QR codes and the Tesco Homeplus Smartphone app. I posted previously when a video came out showing the shopping wall at the subway station. Here are more images of their virtual shelves on a different display. Check it out.

facebook top 10 (March 2011)

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Here is an infographic on the facebook top 10 as of March 2011 for the following categories:

  • Brands
  • Music
  • Actors
  • TV Shows

Really Cool Nike Ad/Infographic/Customer Interaction

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Check this out.  Nike & YesYesNo create a really cool infographic.  The end result is an advertisement played in stores as well as an award for customers as they get their own runs mapped on a high resolution custom data painting.

Aisle411 Shopping App

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I have posted recently about multiple Shopping Apps for your smartphone. It seems like they are popping up all over the place. The latest I have read about is Aisle411. I have not played with it yet as it is only available in some areas but it looks promising. Here is the video.

Grocery Store Smartphone Apps On The Rise

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There are smartphone apps for about anything you can think of anymore. I am seeing more lately regarding grocery stores providing their own apps as a means to increase interaction with their customers. Example uses of these apps are accessing coupons, seeing deals, and creating shopping lists. Here is a story I came across today mentioning Publix and Winn-Dixie (in Florida) as a couple of those stores offering their own apps.